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We are devoted to helping you become an elite lacrosse player at all levels. As a lacrosse training company we are focused on developing every aspect of your game from mindset, strength and skills.

Come join Lax On athletes in Long Island's most sought ought group training. Our training is unique as it happens in the days and hours in between your practices and games with athletes from various club and school teams. You are all working on the same goal in training: becoming the 1%..



We focus on a wide range of private lessons from positional skill training, agility, speed training, and strength training available. Privates are in high demand for Lax On. Private training is where the individual gains personalized feedback from Coach Windsor and our Master Coaches. 

The Lax On

Lax On is dedicated to having high-level coaches and programming. Each of our Master Coaches has played and coached at the collegiate level. Finding coaches with the same vision for the sport and our unique programming was important in the selection process. This will allow for symmetry in our coaching from year to year and continue to provide high-quality training that will help you become the best lacrosse player you can be!

High Level


The Lax On Elite Club Program is built upon the principles of character, integrity, and tradition. The purpose of Lax On Elite is to provide high level training all year round and to have our players compete on the highest levels.

College Recruiting Services

Play At The NExt Level

Our Director of Recruitment, Robyn Pastuch, does offer a variety of services outside of our elite teams for recruitment. Since recruitment is academic and skill level based an evaluation is needed for these outside services. Click Below to learn get started.

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