About Lax ON LI

Our mission is to help you become the best girl's lacrosse player you can be.

Our Story

 Lax On LLC was founded in 2020 by Vanessa Windsor. After a decade of experience in coaching on all levels, Windsor wanted to offer a unique lacrosse training experience. Lax On is not just a lacrosse company. We are devoted to helping you become an elite lacrosse player at all levels. We believe in not just handing you a lacrosse stick and practicing but developing every aspect of your game.

We develop the player mindset, lacrosse IQ, fundamental skill, and character on and off the field. As a player you have unique talents and at Lax On we want to help you succeed in all areas of your game development. We believe that to become a great lacrosse player it requires the player to have the opportunity to develop in high intensity and game-like situations. Get ready to train like you never have before with high-performance training all year round.