Lax On Elite

“Dedicated Coaches. Dedicated Players”

After a decade of all levels of lacrosse coaching from College Coach and former National Champion player Director, Vanessa Windsor, has focused on programming that doesn't just focus on one aspect of your game but prepares you for what's ahead. We focus on you as an overall athlete. Your mindset, your lacrosse skill, and your strength & speed. An all year round approach with a high level of play that includes national tournament competition, particularly during peak recruiting years. It is our annual mission to unite and strengthen the area's premier talent in an effort to maximize recruiting opportunities and compete proudly on a regional and national scale.

Mindset. Strength. Skill.

2021-2022 Season Tryout

July 29th & July 30th 2021

We are excited to announce we are continuing to grow for our select elite teams. For the 2021-2022 season we will have the following teams below. Our select elite teams not only practice but have exclusive elite trainings through out the year. Overall, our teams train and practice over 80 times throughout the entire seasons and also attend 3-4 tournaments in the fall and summer depending on their age brackets.

2024 Select Elite Team- For players serious about collegiate level and wanting to put in the extra work on and off the field. Be led by Director Coach Windsor & Director Coach Rooney with a National schedule for recruitment exposure. Former Collegiate Coach, Director Coach Windsor, coaches our high school select team with intention to prepare you for the college level. Director of Recruitment, Robyn Rooney, works closely with parents and players to help aid them in the recruitment process with a personal approach from start to finish. We aim to not only get you to the next level but to train and get you ready for collegiate play.

2025 Select Elite Team- Led By Head Coach Felicia Mills 

Director of Youth Development Erica Vitale oversees all our middle school and youth programming and helps us to develop our coaches and players to lay a solid foundation for high level high school play.

Director Windsor & Vitale are on field Directors that oversees all youth teams

2026 Select Elite Team- Led by Felica Mills

2027 Select Elite Team- Led by Master Coach Ally Tuttoro

2028 Select Elite Team

2029 Select Elite Team- Led by Master Coach Jessica Scott

2030/2031 Select Elite Team- Master Coach Anna Zaharada


Lax On Elite - College Commits

The Purpose

The Lax On Elite Club Program is built upon the principles of character, integrity, and tradition. The purpose of Lax On Elite is to provide high level training all year round and to have our players compete on the highest levels.

The Focus

We focus on the exposure in the lacrosse world and provide every effort for recruitment. Director Coach Windsor and our Director of Recruitment, Robyn Pastuch, being former college coaches, know the ins and outs of not only recruitment but how to prepare the athlete for college level play. It is so much more than attending summer tournaments. We are developing the overall player on and off the field from player education and development in all ages, speed and agility, strength training, player development, athletic mindset, and college prep.

How To Join Lax On Elite

In order to be a Lax On Elite Member, prospective players must try out on an annual basis. There is no guarantee of future membership with prior membership. Each year's tryout is fair and will take all prospects into consideration. As an elite program team we are only accepting players for one team per age year at this time. Any player that does not make our elite teams will get an invitation to train yearly in our exclusive non club yearly training program.

For More Info & Tryout Evaluations

Frequently Asked Questions

We evaluate our teams yearly. We only want to produce the best teams in the club circuit. As a company our overall goal is not to have a ton of teams but have one team per age group. It is important for us to continue to put the work and focus on training while providing avenues for our athletes to be showcased as tournaments and specifically high recruitment years.

A Recruitment services are included in players' Lax On Elite membership. Our Director of Recruitment, Robyn Pastuch, does offer a variety of services outside of our elite teams for recruitment. Since recruitment is academic and skill level based on an evaluation is needed for these outside services. You can email for more info.