Our Master Coaches

Lax On is dedicated to having high level coaches and programming. Each of our Master Coaches have played and coached at the high school and collegiate level. Finding coaches with the same vision for the sport and our unique programming was important in the selection process. This will allow for symmetry in our coaching from year to year and continue to provide high quality training that will help you become the best lacrosse player you can be!

Director & Founder

Vanessa Windsor

Lax On LI's goal is to inspire and give confidence to girls of all ages in the lacrosse community. From having a unique experience from college coaching sidelines to camps and clinics, Coach Windsor understood the importance of coaching the fundamentals while providing an elite experience for all ages. As the Director & Owner of Lax On LI she is committed to helping all players become the best they can be on and off the field.

Windsor is dedicated to growing the sport of female lacrosse while also inspiring athletes to have confidence in their play. Her vision of having high level professional coaches was most important in growing Lax On LI as she believes that each player thrives in an environment where coaches are inspiring them while also teaching them the sport. Each coach was selected due to their ability to not only coach the sport at a high level but because of their passion for female athletes and love for the sport.